Upcoming Parent Workshops

  • Thursday, January 24 2019 9:00 AM @ Wolf Canyon Elementary School
    • How to help my child with exams
  • Thursday, January 31 2019 9:00 AM @ Veterans Elementary School
    • How to help my child with homework


  • Jueves 24 de enero de 2019 9:00 AM @ Escuela Primaria Wolf Canyon
    • Cómo ayudar a mi hijo con exámenes
  • Jueves 31 de enero de 2019 9:00 AM @ Escuela Primaria Veterans
    • Cómo ayudar a mi hijo con la tarea

Welcome Back!


We hope that you all have had a wonderful time reconnecting and sharing with family and friends, now it is time for the second half of the school year. Wishing you all a wonderful 2019!

Remember, Tuesday January 15 is a minimum day.

Recuerden, el martes 15 de enero es día mínimo.

Welcome to ELAC/ Bienvenidos a ELAC

20181217_090622Thank you Mrs. Adamos art Class for the wonderful posters!!  I’m sure many Parents and kids can identify with your Art and hopefully will join us tomorrow at 9 am Room 402 for very important information for our English Learners and anyone interested in Multilingual Assessments.


Muchas gracias a Mrs. Adamos y su clase de arte por hacer estos bellos posters!  Estamos seguros que muchos niños y padres de identificaron con su arte y esperamos asistan a nuestra junta mañana 9 am en Salón #402 para información importante para Aprendices de Inglés y para todo aquel interesado en ser Multilingües y como lograrlo.20181217_101123

Parent Training and DAC/DELAC


CVESD’s parent academy is this Tuesday December 4th at 11:00 A.M. at the district’s office with the topic Reaching Out Through Outreach.

After this session, stay to attend to the DAC/DELAC meeting starting at 12:00 P.M.


Este martes 4 de diciembre a las 11:00 A.M. el distrito ofrecerá la academia para padres titulada “Llegando a través de la divulgación.  Habrá interpretación al español y cuidado para niños.

Posteriormente, a las 12:00 P.M. participe en la junta de DAC/DELAC.

The Benefits of Reading to Children: From Prenatal to Adolescence

  • Reading aloud gives unborn babies the foundation of language.
  • Reading aloud teaches infants the basics of books.
  • Reading aloud forms social skills in infants.
  • Reading aloud supports basic speaking skills.
  • Reading aloud teaches toddlers about their world.
  • Reading aloud increases children’s vocabulary.
  • Reading aloud encourages children to read on their own.
  • Reading aloud increases empathy in children.
  • Reading aloud develops children’s advanced literacy skills.
  • Reading aloud introduces new types of literature.
  • Reading aloud encourages teens to become lifelong readers.

Read the full article: Benefits of reading to children

Additional tips about Reading Aloud

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